Building Chronic Kidney Disease Clinical Practice Guidelines Using the openEHR Guideline Definition Language. Methods Inf Med. 2016 Dec 7;55(6):495-505

Lin CH, Lo YC, Hung PY, Liou DM.

“Based on the findings of this study, we identified some potential gaps that might exist during implementation between the GDL concept and reality. Three directions remain to be investigated in the future. Two of them are related to the openEHR GDL approach. Firstly, there is a need for the editing tool to be made more sophisticated. Secondly, there needs to be integration of the present approach into non openEHR-based hospital information systems. The last direction focuses on the applicability of guidelines and involves developing a method to resolve any conflicts that occur with insurance payment regulations.” (Lin CH, Lo YC, Hung PY, Liou DM, 2016)

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